I found Sydney Solis‘s book Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story very valuable when I first began to teach. The book contains two class curriculums divided by age and class time. It was a reassuring guideline to my initial class planning. The book also had very creative warm ups, and centering and relaxation exercises for children of different ages. The stories themselves were a fun way to introduce poses to students, however, I struggled a bit with how to use the stories — read the story first, then introduce the poses as I reread the story or introduce the poses and then have the kids do the poses as I read. I generally do the yoga with the kids in my classes as it helps the kids see me demonstrate the poses and usually they are too eager to get going to watch me first before diving in to the fun (I do make exceptions with inversions or poses where the child’s neck and vision must remain up so they do not turn to look at me!). Ultimately I found it best to memorize the stories as then you can tell the story while doing the poses without a book interfering with the flow of the class.