21VYM+CZx5L._SL210_I recently found great yoga cards called Creative Yoga Games for Kids made by Edna Reinhardt in Australia. These cards have inspired me and my classes for the last 6 weeks. The 48 cards are divided into groups of 6 card sequences. The cards come with ideas for games and learning. I have been introducing the poses in sequence and then doing them backwards and then having the kids try different ways to sequence them while thinking about transitions. I also have been playing a game called musical mats. I lay out a card or two per mat and the kids run or dance around to music. When the music stops, the kids must find a mat and do the poses. It is a great game and energy releaser.

Just a side note:
While the kids are doing their poses, I try to remember to make specific comments to each of the children about the asanas they are working on. It is so easy to provide general “nice job” or ” great down dog” comments but it is so much more beneficial to point out a very specific detail to comment about such as, “Tommy, your table top in your table pose is so flat that I can eat off of it!” or “Sara, I like how you made starfish hands in your down dog!” These types of comments create a sense of pride and help children learn about their strengths. It shows them that we are really paying attention and that we appreciate them… a great self-esteem boost.