D Sharon Pruitt

D Sharon Pruitt

I am awaiting a book at the library called 104 Activities That Build: Self-Esteem, Teamwork, Communication, Anger Management, Self-Discovery, Coping Skills by Alanna Jones. I read some sample activities on Amazon and the ideas seemed easy for both young and old and quick to start.  It would seem as though these activities would help improve sibling and family relationships and I can’t wait to try some over the summer with my little guinea pigs.

Here are two ideas from the book that I liked that would help my kids learn to work together and depend on each other versus compete with each other:

Project One: Garbage Art Materials: Items around the house (such as toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, lids, cans), tape, hot glue, regular glue, paints, makers and crayons. The children collect things around the house to recycle into a sculpture. They must work together to come up with an idea for their sculpture and then share materials to build their masterpiece. Have the kids create a few sculptures and create a museum to display their work.

A yoga version of this project would be to have the kids create a human sculpture with yoga poses. Have the class try to move all at once as one piece of movable yoga art.

Project Two: Creative Coloring
Materials: A variety of colored crayons or markers and paper
The children pick one or two colors. They must decide on a picture (or you can suggest a theme or use a coloring book) and only use their own color to complete the picture. This forces each person to contribute and for the group to work together.