D Sharon Pruitt

A blogger’s dilemma. I had been blogging daily and was amazed at all I had to say and then the blank page started to scare me. I decided to hold off writing until the holiday weekend passed. Procrastination in its finest. Here I am. I hope it’s pretty.

As I’ve said in a past posting, I love the idea that how we are on the mat is how we live off of the mat. Lately, that cannot be more true. Since the end of the school year I have been on vacation from teaching my regular classes. I have had some wonderful yoga sessions on my own and in the studio. This idea of a vacation from my regular schedule is appearing in my yoga. I don’t want to hit the hot yoga classes. I have gravitated more to anusara based classes which place more of an emphasis on alignment and holding poses and slowly working toward a place the teacher has thought to go to versus the flowing vinyasa style that leaves me drenched and sometimes drained. I have also found more connection with doing yoga outdoors. My parents have a place on one of the Finger Lakes in New York where all of my siblings with their families in tow converge most weekends. One windy day I decided to do a flow vinyasa at the end of their pier surrounded by the water. The yoga did flow as the wind blew around me and I felt a part of my scenery and so at peace. I have continued to do yoga on the lawn looking out at the water, on my deck and out by the pool at the club where I teach during the year. I have also encountered some yoga setbacks to practicing outdoors when my puppy took my child’s pose as a sign of deference and play and proceeded to jump onto and over me. Seeing that my practice would require far more patience and concentration than I had at the moment, I decided to put on my running shoes and head out to the road for another kind of meditation.

This vacation from  my regular schedule (schedules demand a constant motivation to plan and act) has reared its ugly head in the form of a lack of motivation this summer. I had great plans to put all of my class plans onto the computer so that I could print them out and put them into a binder to improve and use as a stepping stone for next year. I designed my layout and haven’t been able to sit down to transcribe my year’s worth of yoga classes. Laundry baskets have lined themselves up to be dealt with later—that book I have put off reading seems so much more necessary!

I believe that everyone needs time to replenish. Children need a break from their regular sports and school to come back to them invigorated and with renewed excitement. I have decided to take this summer vacation and go with the idea of a break. I’ll take yoga, make yoga and play yoga but I’ll try not to push yoga. I’ll read and find time with family and friends and put my yoga into my life by enjoying the moments of summer vacation—to be present for all that this unscheduled time has to offer.