Photo by Derica Fox

This is a big week for me and hopefully Karma Spot. I am gearing up for a trip to DC to get certified in Mom and Baby yoga. I am heading over to Tranquil Space again for a weekend of learning and fun. Having gone to school in Washington makes this trip extra special as I will get to play with three friends that I have not seen in about 15 years. I am excited about this training as Mom and Baby yoga integrates yoga classes for both adults and children—wee little children. Teaching moms with babies will have its challenges but I am excited about the possibilities. It allows me to teach during the day a bit more which is great for my family and it can provide such relief for mom at a critical time of change.

Why new moms should take yoga:

• Yoga allows women who have just undergone incredible body changes to start to reconnect with and take back their bodies.

• Yoga stretches a new mom’s body—releasing tensions and muscle tautness created by nursing, carrying and caring for a newborn.

• Yoga strengthens and balances muscles that are frequently needed to care for one’s baby.

• Yoga provides mom a needed mental break through focus on asanas and breath.

• Mom and baby yoga also teaches new mothers methods of calming and playing with their infant in ways that nurture a special connection.

I look forward to posting about my experience in DC once I have time to absorb all that happens.

Karma Spot has found a home!! I will be hosting yoga birthday parties and events and will be adding a Pre-K and Mom and Baby class soon at Sweat Gym and Fitness in the Village of Pittsford. The studio is a great size for both types of classes and the location couldn’t be more perfect.