Photo by Sal Petruzelli Marino

Photo by Sal Petruzelli Marino

I have the sniffles and am feeling a bit run down. I have been running (literally and figuratively) at full speed for a few weeks. Some big decisions were made (I’ll get to that in a later post) and no sooner than I finally get to take a breath and let down my guard the sniffles appear! Coincidence… I think not! So what is there to do?

  • My first line of defense is to down a couple of garlic pills and drink a combination of apple cider vinegar, honey and warm water. It usually clears up my sinuses pretty quickly… I’m hoping that I’ll be clear headed in the morning. Click here for more information about apple cider vinegar.
  • My second line of defense is to listen to Stin Hansen’s immune system and wellness boost meditation.
  • In the morning I’ll try some yoga aimed at increasing my natural immune fighting abilities.

I’ll let you know how things go… off to bed and hopefully wellness.

Here is the verdict. I woke up with a cloudy head but my cold has not progressed. I listened to the meditation once again when I woke up. I drank more of the vinegar concoction this morning and went out for a run and finished with some yoga asanas for helping strengthen my immune system. I’m going to add a long savasana later today and I think I may have won this battle.