Are you looking for an end of the year gift for a teacher or a student? Here are some unique yoga gifts that keep on giving.

Donna Freeman, from Yoga in My School, wrote a great yoga book for kids called Once Upon a Pose. This simple book provides teachers and parents with an easy to use yoga adventure story combined with pictures of the accompanying poses. This book would also be a great gift idea for a French teacher as half of the book is written in French. Combining physical poses with French vocabulary words is a great method to teach children with different learning styles.

Shanti Generation for Youth Peacemakers is a wonderful DVD to give to a graduating student. The video is beautifully designed and provides young adults with many helpful yoga sequences to aid them throughout their lives. The video allows the viewer to choose sequences for creating happiness, for increasing energy and for finding internal calm and peace.

For your traveling yogi, Yoga-Paws allows you to take your yoga anywhere without dragging along your yoga mat. The gloves and “socks” have a rubber bottom that allows you to flow on any surface without slipping.

A yoga gift is a gift that will last a lifetime.