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I feel so much better since this fact has been divulged. I have tried so hard to be something that I am not. I felt like I was wearing a costume (no… not a French maid’s costume!). I tried to pretend I was able to do it all and do it all well. But it is not true. The closets in my house hold the truth. Bleach stained sheets folded neatly (OK fine…shoved in) the laundry closet. Wrinkled pants stacked on shelves. Clean laundry put away immediately after hearing the beep of the dryer on its last spin cycle… ha! I am not proud of the fact that I am constantly re-washing clothes because of wrinkles or stains or because the kids just throw their clean clothes back into dirty hampers to avoid hanging them up. But I will admit that since coming clean with my problem, I have stopped resenting the laundry. I have found that without the fight to protect my image of being the perfect homemaker, I have actually found more appreciation for the items I am cleaning and I am doing a better job of caring for them. I have been removing clothes before the “wrinkle free” spin cycle stops and hanging them to dry those last few minutes. I have found new pride in my laundry skills as I have found more mindfulness in the process.

If life is about these little moments, then I have added more time in my days by being mindful about the chores that must get done… just don’t take out the white glove for the dust test just yet!

Energizing Washing Machine Breath:

Place your hands on your shoulders.
With your head facing center, inhale through the nose.
Turn your torso and head to the right and exhale.
Inhale back to center.
Turn your torso and head to the left and exhale.

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