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D Sharon Pruitt

D Sharon Pruitt

I received my childrens yoga certification from Karma Kids Yoga which is based in NYC. I love the Karma Kids approach to childrens yoga and the training left me with an unbelievable amount of material.

Training was fun and exhausting. Getting into a playful mindset in a room full of children is a lot easier than in a room full of adults. I worried that maybe I needed a theatre background or an elementary school teacher’s background to be able to connect to the children in my classes. My instructor, Jessica, was so animated and in the know of so many animal and childrens pop culture facts that I was a little intimidated. I may know my asanas but do I know enough about Sponge Bob to relate to my classes?

Everyone developes their own style and the only way to find out what that style is is to teach. The real training for me started when I applied what I learned in some summer classes in my home with the children of friends. I was able to work out my initial nerves, plan some classes and work on how much material was needed for the length of time I was teaching, as well as, try out adding music and books to the mix. It was a gentle introduction to teaching and it helped give me confidence when I went out looking for places to teach outside of my home.

There are many certification programs out there. I have found that I use material from many sources. I am always looking for games to make into yoga games and ways to teach the poses that are fun and playful. Pick a program that intrigues you or works into your schedule and use that certification as a starting point not the be all end all. Go online and research the programs out there. Think a little bit about where you want to teach, what population you want to teach. If you don’t know. It is OK. I think that if you are not sure what age group that you would like to teach then a program that has a broader appeal is important. If you want to bring yoga into the public school system then YogaKids would be a great choice as it has a integrative educational slant to its certification program. It is also more intensive and costly. For me Karma Kids was a great place to begin. I am soon to add a mom and baby certification to my credentials and was searching for a program that resonated with me. Again there are many choices out there. Take that leap, pick one that works in your schedule, budget and lifestyle and just go for it. You can always go back for more.

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