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If you live in Upstate New York, this week has brought much disappointment along with about five inches of snow. Just the following week I brought out the deck furniture, basked in the warmth of the sunshine and felt the hope of spring emerging. The grass was clear of any remaining white signs of winter. The crocuses were starting to pop out of the newly defrosted earth.

Then Wednesday arrived and the snow began.

People, quickly forgetting how to drive in the inclement weather, scattered the sides of roads waiting for tows. The feeling of disbelief hung as heavy as the snow falling down. March. It is not as if I have not lived here for the majority of my life. There is always one last snow storm. Why do I always fall for the spring time joke in March? It is really not yoga minded of me to create this great expectation of the future. To take in every moment as the only moment that matters whether it is cold and wet or filled with the smell of blossoms blooming is being present and mindful. So I will try to find the good in each day, even with a blanket of snow covering the garden wonders awaiting for their time to shine. Mother nature has many wonders and surprises and I will try to be open and grateful to them all.

Lion Pose
  • Kneel on the floor with ankles crossed and perineum rests on the top heel.
  • Press palms firmly against knees with splayed fingers.
  • Take a deep breath in through the nose while opening your mouth wide, looking toward your  third-eye and stretching your tongue out toward the chin. Exhale slowly out through the mouth with a “ha” sound.
  • Repeat roar two or three times and then switch cross of ankles and repeat.
Lion pose relieves tension in the chest and face… and who doesn’t need a loud roar once in a while!

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