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A series of events have left me looking for the positive. I have found that changing my focus helps. I have a lot to be grateful for and adapting my plan is an easy way to help move forward with a good attitude.

A change of plan calls for a change in attitude.

I had my sight set on the Philly marathon taking place on November 21st. Training started in the early summer and ended, for me, three weeks ago. I had a run in with a coffee table and my marathon hopes were smashed along with my third toe. This was not something that could have been foreseen or prevented. It was just one of those things. Life moves on.

Change Your Attitude With New Goals and New Focus.

New goals help prevent disappointment from turning into a bad mood. My initial plan was to train hard and drop my time to qualify for the Boston marathon. I was on target to accomplish both having a PR at a recent 1/2 marathon and dropping 9 minutes off of my time. I even qualified to get into the NYC marathon in 2012 during that race. My hopes of running Boston this year are gone. I now have NYC on my horizon, and with winter is on its way, I’ve already signed up to run in a snowshoe race to keep my endurance and spirits up.

Gratitude is a wonderful cure for disappointment.

I am grateful for new friends.
I had met a new training partner through my running group, Moms In Motion. We ran together three times a week combining hill repeats, shorter runs and long runs. We met by pure chance at the only group run that we both made early in April. Since that one encounter we have become great friends. There is nothing that opens up conversation quite like a long run (besides perhaps therapy). Our runs always included juicy conversations and frequently ended with a celebratory hot drink. Now we meet for coffee while my foot heals and the long conversations continue. How fortunate I am to have the support of a new friend!

I am grateful for slowing down.
My foot injury prevents me from taking yoga class as the flexing of my foot is painful. I have had to move my workouts from the studio or the roads to inside the gym. Being forced to use the rower and stationary bike has made me grateful for my outdoor workouts. Not being able to get on my mat in class has also made me focus more on meditation. Without the calm that comes from running and yoga, I have noticed that my mind is getting caught in the worry cycle. Making time to meditate and pay attention to my breath helps to settle my mind and find some peace.

Change your environment: Connecting with nature brings peace of mind.

Although my foot is not entirely happy, I have taken advantage of this training lapse to head out onto the trails with the dog to walk on the gorgeous carpet of colorful leaves before they get covered up by snow. Research shows that being in natures helps create mental well-being.

Life will always throw in some surprises. Being able to adapt and find the brighter side helps turn those moments around. You never know what door will open when one shuts. Be prepared by looking forward and being positive!

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Even with hot summer-like weather beating down upon us only a few days ago, you can feel the change in the air. The school year is descending. For some it has already begun. My kids are reveling in one final day of “freedom” before the alarm goes off as the sun begins to rise. We had great intentions to begin easing into the early morning schedule but final sleepovers and bonfires and guests kept us delaying the plan until now… the day before the big day. It will hurt tomorrow but we will survive.

Aside from this lapse from the plan. I do feel that this year we are beginning on top of our game. I have everyone’s schedules programmed into my iphone. I have supplies and clothes bought and the house de-cluttered and ready for the onslaught of papers, homework and after school sport paraphernalia.

Mostly, though, I believe everyone is open to the potential of what a new year brings—new friends, new challenges, new directions and possibilities.

So much of what happens throughout the new school year will depend on both attitude and reactions. Children may not have control over which teacher they get, how much homework they have to do or what time the bus picks them up, but they are in control of the attitude they bring with them to each situtation.

As I read in the 5 Book written by Dan Zadra,

Attitude is a choice. We create our own world by the way we choose to see it. Your mind can focus on fear, worry, problems, negativity or despair. Or it can focus on confidence, opportunity, solutions, optimism and success. You decide.

Along with the new school clothes and new folders, find time to sit down and discuss how positive attitudes can start the new year off in the right direction. But if your child is clinging to your leg as that school bus rounds the corner, and is screaming that she is not going to school (I have been there… it shall pass), here are some simple ways to help turn things around.

Ways to increase positive attitudes:

1) Make sure your kids have a good night’s sleep.

2) Send your kids off to school with a healthy breakfast.

3) Teach your children some positive affirmations to say to themselves when difficult situations arise. Sometimes practicing in advance can help kids effectively navigate through challenges.

4) Find areas where you children can shine and feel their confidence rise and provide feelings of success.

5) Find ways to make your home a positive and nurturing environment. Modeling is often the best way to teach children.

6) Providing and displaying unconditional love often can soften the blow that comes with bad days.

Here is another post about attitudes.

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