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I believe a salad is the perfect meal. The combination of carbs, proteins and fats make it a regular lunch or dinner choice for my family.

I noticed a new restaurant being worked on called Halfmoon Creative Salads. I have been keeping my eye on it—eagerly awaiting its opening. Over break if finally opened and I have been there twice in two days!!

The thing about salads is that you never need to have the same type twice. Between the veggie and fruit options, the choices of cheese and meat and the variety of dressings, the variations are endless.

What I love about Halfmoon is that you can either “make your own” salad using a base of 4 choices for a fixed price with the option to add ingredients for 50 cents a piece or you can order from a menu of pre-decided ingredients. The first time I went I decided on the Halfmoon created “Harvest” salad. This salad combines bibb lettuce with apples, dried cherries, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, bacon and goat cheese. I choose a balsamic dressing to accompany.

After selecting your salad ingredients, the person behind the counter then takes your choices and chops everything up using a mezzaluna which is a ‘half moon’ shaped blade with a handle at each end—thus the name of the restaurant. This makes everything a perfect bite sized piece.

Today I had a creation of my own making. I started with romaine lettuce, added beets, carrots, asparagus, sunflower seeds and goat cheese. I used the balsamic dressing again. Yum!

If I could, I’d eat there everyday. The food is great. My only pet peeve is the atmosphere. The space is very “Euro sparse” and cafeteria-like using a bright orange and white color palette. I would have loved a more “green” feel to the place using natural woods and other earthy materials, as well as, earth friendly disposable bowls or even reusable dishes instead of the plastic take away bowls.

I am excited to have a healthy “fast food” option in town. Welcome Halfmoon!

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