I’m gearing up for a week of yoga camp. Camp is from 9:30-12 and will include a yoga class that focuses on a different aspect of yoga each day. Yoga games will be played. Yoga art will be made and healthy snacks will be enjoyed. It has been really fun working out the details and I am excited to teach. It seems that three weeks is all that I needed to recharge my teaching batteries. I feel excited and renewed and ready.

You may be wondering what yoga art entails. Well I have come up with some projects that are fun and that connect with yoga in different ways. We will be making pinwheels to practice breathing and yoga journals to keep track of all we learn during camp with printouts of poses and affirmations to attach. We will make self-portraits and sand art mandalas for self-reflection and meditation. We will create a group mural where each person only has one color and must work together to finish the piece.

For snacks there will be fruit smoothies, fruit kabobs, homemade gorp and fruit mosaic pizzas to make and eat. Kids here I come!

I was lucky this week to teach some bigger kids. I have been fortunate to join a great group called Moms In Motion. This all womens fitness group has changed my life. I have become an endurance runner, a racer and a triathlete because of the inspiring and motivating women that I have met through MIM. I decided to teach a yoga class on Canandaigua Lake to my MIM friends. It was bliss. We were outdoors doing yoga with the lake lapping against the shore. I am so grateful to have these women (who may not be as young as my regular students but are certainly as young at heart) by my side. I promised them that I would not make them bark in down dog and they happily made starfish hands and got into dead bug! They have encouraged me and supported me on so many endevors and I can’t thank them enough.